Airtime Advance services to the telecommunication industry in emerging markets

Published in Africa Outlook – Issue 32 (pg 51)

We are dedicated to developing and delivering the best, most innovative solutions that will grow our clients’ businesses, enhance their brands, and positively contribute to the total customer experience and increase in revenue per user.

We offer a suite of products that add value and change subscriber’s lives including: airtime, data, content and mobile money lendingmobile marketing solutions, sports betting and lottery, content and mega promotions.

Our flagship product is prepaid airtime and mobile money lending solutions to telecom operators. It gives telcos the ability to advance airtime, content, data and mobile money to subscribers. Through our many years’ experience in the telecommunications and credit industries, we have developed a proprietary profiling and dynamic rules engine that allows for flexible lending, avoids revenue losses and ensures on going customer loyalty while increasing revenues.

We have a deep understanding of customer behaviour and can offer a tailor made credit solution to meet the requirements of any customer base.

As a service provider to Vodacom Lesotho for many years, we have developed innovative solutions to add value to Vodacom Lesotho by increasing revenue per user, decreasing churn and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Our product suite: