Mobile Money Lending
  • Currently Mobile Money customers can’t borrow money using their Mobile Money wallets in times of need.
  • This services gives Mobile Money customers the opportunity to borrow money from Telco and pay back when they deposit money on their account.
  • The Mobile Money Credit service is a retention strategy that gives the Telco the opportunity to build and maintain profitable relationships with loyal customers.
  • The product provides Telco’s with the opportunity to position Telco’s brand as a dependable service provider not just in good times, but even when they have financial challenges. This is in turn builds loyalty for the Telco’s brand and decreases churn.
  • With Mobile money lending, one has access to advance products that are convenient, reliable and cost-effective for taking micro-loans.
With Mobile money lending, you enjoy several benefits which include the following:
  • Convenience of mobile banking i.e. you can transact from the comfort of your location.
  • Paperless (mobile centric), safe and fast service.
  • Access to credit facilities.