The Airvantage Prepaid Airtime Advance System (“PAS”) offers Mobile Network Operators airtime, data and mobile money services: the ability to advance airtime, data or mobile money to subscribers.

Through our experience , we have developed proprietary profiling and a dynamic rules engine that allows for flexible advancing, avoids revenue losses and ensures ongoing customer loyalty.

Airvantage’s management has extensive experience in the cellular and advancing industries.

The team has been involved in all aspects of the cellular industry in Africa for over 20 years and have owned telco businesses in service provision, cellular rental, wasp and content services, prepaid and post-paid distribution.

Airvantage airtime advance service team has managed debtor books which comprised of asset classes including cellular micro-lending and other debt categories. These books are in excess of $3 billion.

We understand the challenges in today’s market, and as the pre-eminent innovator of value added services, we continue to evolve. We are dedicated to developing and delivering the best, most innovative solutions that will grow our clients’ businesses, enhance their brands, and positively contribute to the total customer experience.

Airvantage has a strong balance sheet that will be able to support the growth of the Airtime Advance product. Our team has specialists with many years experience in micro-lending, consumer finance and cellular operations. We have a deep understanding of customer behaviour and can offer a tailor made solution to meet the requirements of your customer base.

Airvantage uses machine learning and other AI techniques to build a smarter, more informed view of spending behaviour, user interaction, and nuanced financial trends.  With this deeper insight, we are able to provide higher credit denominations at lower risk to more users.


Airtime Advance
An airtime advance service that allows a customer to receive airtime, data and content in advance and pay later.
Mobile Money Lending
A lending & credit service that allows a customer to borrow money using mobile money.
Content Advance and Mobile Marketing
We offer mobile marketing via SMS, USSD and WAP.
Other VAS
Other services to increase brand loyalty, ARPU and decrease churn.

Core Features

Send personalized and automated offers
Each user receives a unique message with their qualifying criteria. This can be achieved via push, pull or in call messaging.
Increase client loyalty and decrease churn
We provide relevant credit based on each user’s network activity and tailor the advance amounts to each individual user.
Increase your revenue and ARPU
Our credit analytics incorporates big data analytics and artificial intelligence combined with our active research in the fields of computational analytics, cloud computing, and deep learning neural networks. This allows us to use sophisticated credit analysis which leads to increased customer loyalty, increased ARPU and decreased churn.
Get Advance through SMS, USSD, IVR and Mobile Application.

Extra Features

Content Advance and Mobile marketing
We offer mobile marketing via SMS, USSD and WAP.
Data Advance
Allows subscribers of Mobile Network Operator or Internet Provider to obtain mobile internet/data package in advance with further repayment fully or by parts at the moment of next balance top-up/recharge.
Mobile money lending
We are experts at savings and lending products that are customised by amount, term and payment method into mobile money wallets.
Utility Advance
Allows users to get certain advances on electricity, gas, water or any other kind of utilities in case of emergency, using deferred payments.


User feedback

What our clients are saying about us.


“Buying airtime on Sundays and public holidays is no hassle anymore.

Marketing Manager

“Such an easy service to use, I got my elderly mother trained to use it with no fuss.

Marketing Manager

“I love having airtime and data available anytime, anywhere.

Sales Representative

“Where I live I am not close to the stores to buy airtime, so airtime advance has helped me when I have run out.

Sales Representative

“My new cell phone broke and amazingly I was able to use the service on my old cellphone.