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Connection. Uninterrupted
Advanced mobile financial services with an advanced technology partner

Airvantage is a leading advance and mobile financial services partner within emerging markets.

Airvantage knows that your main aim is to keep your customers talking. We make use of innovative machine learning and AI systems to ensure that you’re able to offer your customers airtime and data, anytime, anywhere. No interruptions.
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Airvantage is the leading partner for MNOs in emerging markets

As a leading airtime advance and mobile financial services partner within emerging markets here’s why some of the world’s largest MNOs choose Airvantage

ARPU double digit%

Increase ARPU by double digits when you get to know your clients as individuals and offer them tailor-made advances based on their own network activity.


Decrease churn significantly by creating loyalty in your customers. Connect with each user on a personal level with our AI and machine learning technology.

Extend your services

Extend your financial service offerings without the burden of implementation and risk. We take it on so you don’t have to.

Airvantage's services are built to provide a strategic roadmap for your business that fosters a long-term partnership with us.

Airtime & Data Advance

Get airtime to your customers so that they can carry on calling, using data, and viewing content when they need it, and only pay later

Mobile Financial Services (MFS)

Offer your customers even more with targeted, individually created financial profiles. This includes handset financing, mobile money lending, and agent lending.


Create accurate financial profiles for the world’s unbanked, unlocking their lending potential and increasing your revenue streams through more offerings. 

With over a decade’s expertise in emerging markets, we are the number one choice for MNOs looking to offer their customers more freedom.

Airtime Advance Made Easy - Get Instant Mobile Credit with Airvantage

$3 billion in advances to date

With a big balance sheet, we’ve already backed over $3 billion worth of advances in multiple emerging markets. Imagine what we could do for you.

Airtime Advance Made Easy - Get Instant Mobile Credit with Airvantage

250 million transactions processed monthly

Backed by our robust micro-service architecture and technology that makes our services unimaginably scalable, we’re able to scale seamlessly.

Technical Constraints

Free your business from technical constraints

We built it so that you don’t have to. Our API’s ensure you can be fast to market and offer your clients what they need, right now, without having to build technology yourself.

Ai and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning

Our cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology put you in a superior position to really get to know your customers on a personal level.

Fully Managed Services

Fully managed service

With no installation or maintenance of hardware or software needed from you, we make sure that your system stays running, and keeps up-to-date with emerging trends.

No Risk, No Brainer

No risk, no brainer

There is no cost or risk involved in partnering with us. We set it up and run it, with a flexible approach to revenue, that we’ll generate. We take on 100% of the debt risk.