Airtime + Data Advance

Airtime air advance + data advance

Customer Connection

Keep your customers connected at all times with airtime advances when they need them.

Our core service, Airtime Air Advance, allows your customers to buy airtime when they run out, and pay for it when they next recharge. Our AI and machine learning pinpoints exactly how much airtime should be offered to each individual at any particular time. This is offered via a number of options, namely USSD, SMS or voice.


Airtime + Data Advance

Airtime Advance Made Easy - Get Instant Mobile Credit with Airvantage

Stay Connected

Your subscribers receive airtime in the most convenient way for them as an individual. This means that they stay connected, always.

Deep Experience

Anywhere, Anytime

The Airtime Advance service allows customers to get airtime anytime, regardless of whether they have the money for it right now or not.

Airtime Advance Made Easy - Get Instant Mobile Credit with Airvantage

No Effort

The Airtime Advance is automatically taken off their next top-up, with no effort from the customer’s side.

Deep Experience

No Risk

Airvantage bears the risk and prepays the airtime. There is absolutely no financial risk or outlay to you, as we bear 100% of the debt risk.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Financially focused risk management experience, with deep funding lines.
Cutting-edge technology is successfully integrated, comes standard, and is always operational.

Deep Experience

Deep Experience

Over a decade in emerging markets has given us invaluable learnings on what financial solutions your customers are looking for.

No Cost

Our benefits to you come in the form of our AI and machine learning technology, that underpins everything that we do. Nothing is by chance, and there is zero risk. We provide a free gap analysis and will share only in the incremental revenue that we generate.

AI machine learning technology
Happy customers

Happier Customers

Airtime is offered and delivered on an individual basis for your customers, which results in double digit ARPU increases and decreases churn significantly. Customers are happier and more able to comfortably accept the airtime as well as pay it back. 


Large Credit Lines

Our large credit lines and resources mean that we can offer airtime advances to every qualified customer, without extending ourselves at all. We have the deepest penetration and highest loan debt.

large credit lines
Long term partners

Long-Term Partners

We are your long-term partner. We guarantee that services run well, with continued innovation. Let us take you down a solutions roadmap that results in a better understanding of your customer, and ultimately allows them to enjoy more products and services such as handset finance.

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