Future-proofing the world's greatest mobile carriers

Our Mission

Our goal is to help MNOs in emerging markets to unlock streams of revenue and services by harnessing advanced technology to offer mobile financial services while increasing ARPU and decreasing churn.

Who we are
The Airvantage Prepaid Airtime Advance System (“PAAS”) offers Mobile Network Operators airtime, data and mobile money services: the ability to advance airtime, data or mobile money too subscribers. Our experience in emerging markets has allowed us to create cutting-edge AI technology that avoids revenue losses and ensures ongoing customer loyalty. 
Who we service

Our clients include some of the largest mobile network operators throughout several emerging markets. We have representation on four continents, work in multiple time zones and support over 250 million transactions per month and billions of dollars of loans.

So how do we do it?

Simply put, we know our game. We have over 20 years’ experience in providing the correct products to customers at exactly the right time. And in order to do that, we use our complex algorithmic technology. Both machine learning and AI have improved exponentially in the last few years, and our products are custom built to be at the cutting edge at all times.

TechnologyAI and machine learning technology is a large part of our technical philosophy. Getting to know your customers on a personal level with proprietary algorithms results in higher ARPU, less churn and a happier customer. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Integration in new networks is seamless and streamlined, with our team taking on the development of the project the minute it gets the green light. We are able to build a smarter, more informed view of spending behaviour, user interaction, and nuanced financial trends.  With this deeper insight, we are able to provide higher credit denominations at lower risk to more users. For you, this means that you can address the needs of customers, and reach more customers like never before. Airtime is only the beginning.

What AI and Machine Learning Means to You
Airvantage’s data scientists use custom-built machine learning models to decide when to extend Airtime Advance. These models utilise the latest research in academia and industry to ensure that we are at the cutting edge. We constantly evaluate your customers and are able to offer them the best products to suit their individual needs. This results in less risk, as well as increasing loyalty. We combine deep learning and decision tree ensemble methods into one model which enable us to attain higher accuracy. With this tech, we have helped millions of people to receive affordable airtime advances, as well as other products such as mobile money lending, with a fraction of the risk.

Our models are highly accurate which allow us to:

  • Reduce bad debt
  • Extend as much credit as possible, leading to higher ARPU
  • Provide consistent user experiences

Roadmap to Success: The way we view our partnerships
With our expertise in emerging markets, we have gained invaluable learnings that we use to help our partners execute on their products and solutions-driven roadmaps. This leads to new product enhancements for you and ultimately deeper penetration into your market. Long term, it means more revenue streams and a stable partnership.

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