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Credit Score Gauge

Create credit profiles for your customers and offer them extra products based on our comprehensive data.

Mobile money lending and agent lending are based on credit scores achieved through our AI and machine learning data. They allow us to provide loans to individuals, based on the credit profiles that we have built. Loans are offered via a number of options and have affordable repayment plans. Airvantage takes all the risk of this solution, creating the freedom for you to position yourself as a dependable service provider. And that, in turn, increases loyalty and decreases churn.

Upgrading your customers to a 3G or smart device opens up a whole new world of possibilities, not just for them but for you as well. Our AI and machine learning models can give you exact information on which individuals can afford handset finance, and how much of a loan will suit them. This is directly linked to Airtime Advance, and the data that we accumulate using our proprietary algorithms.


Why Airvantage for Mobile Financial Services

Access To loans

Existing mobile money customers as yet do not have access to loans in times of need. Give them access to money when they need it most, even if they don't have an existing credit record.

Precise Credit Profiles

With mobile money lending, you can offer customers the opportunity to borrow money based on precise credit profiles that are created using our complex data. Let them borrow money from you, and pay it back when they deposit money on their account.

Build Relationships

Build and maintain profitable relationships with your customers by offering them more products and access to funds they never thought possible. This in turn increases loyalty and decreases churn.

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Dependable Brand

Position your brand as a dependable service provider not just in good times, but even when your customers have financial challenges.

Improve Assets

Improve Agents

Build your agent base with agent lending. Agents increase your ARPU by selling large amounts of airtime and other services. Keep them trading with accessible loans.

Airtime Advance Made Easy - Get Instant Mobile Credit with Airvantage

Handset Financing

Give your customers access to smartphones, which allows them to consume more content. They pay the handsets back in affordable packages.

Fintech Leaders

Airvantage is fast emerging as a leader in the Fintech space. We build accurate credit profiles on people who have very likely been invisible before and are as such an untapped market.

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Personal connection

Personal Connection

Build brand loyalty from your customers who appreciate someone being there for them during hard times. We give you a personal connection to your most important people: your customers.


Real Experience

With over a decade providing mobile financial services, as well as our cutting-edge tech, we know exactly what solutions to offer and when.

Real experience
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