Consumer Financial Identities: The Potential

Credit profile

Build a credit profile for your customers using Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS).

A world without FiDaaS

While many people in emerging markets do not have a current financial profile, they do make use of airtime and data services and in some cases, smartphones. Our technology allows us to create individual financial profiles on your customers, which in turn can lead to advanced financial services. Imagine not only being able to boost your ARPU, but also change lives while doing so.

Bringing transparency to the world’s unbanked financial profiles 

Using the data that we accumulate via Airtime Advance, we are able to offer lending and loan services to customers using a mobile wallet. These loans are tailor-made to each individual to target only qualified customers that will be comfortable paying them back. Bring the world’s underbanked population into the financial spotlight.


Why Airvantage for Fidaas

Customer benefits

More Products

Build accurate credit profiles on your existing customers, which leads to more products and services.

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Better Decisions

Take better credit decisions on those credit profiles.

more for customers

More For Customers

Offer more risk to customers and third-party partners.

financial visibility

Financial Visibility

Create financial visibility for people that may never have had it before.

Advanced Tech

Our advanced tech allows us to create incredibly rich data profiles on each individual. Our integrated data technology will work for you across the board, offering a one-stop shop of products and services.

Artificial intelligence
Personal connection

Financial Opportunities

Discover a world of financial opportunities, for your customers, your agents and for yourselves. Create multiple revenue streams with no outlay from your side.


More Options

Give your customers and agents access to more options such as FiDaas, mobile money wallet loans and handset financing. Bring the world’s unbanked into the financial spotlight

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