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Airvantage Launches Taamba Advance in Namibia

Airvantage introduces "Taamba Advance" to MTC Namibia customers: get airtime now, pay later. Explore the service!
March 4, 2024

Airvantage has made an exhilarating step forward in its expansion efforts. The renowned company recently made waves with its announcement concerning the deployment of its unique prepaid advance system in Namibia, aptly named Taamba Advance. This service, which was first introduced to the public in March 2020, has experienced an impressive surge in its uptake.

Addressing a Fundamental Need

At its core, Taamba Advance addresses a fundamental need for MTC Namibia customers. This innovative service grants them the capability to obtain airtime in advance, providing the option to settle the payment at a later time. It acts as a lifeline for customers who find themselves in situations where they urgently need airtime but have unfortunately exhausted their current balance.

CEO’s Statement

Speaking on this milestone, Airvantage's CEO, Mark Collie, expressed his enthusiasm and shared, “Launching our airtime advance product in Namibia has been a momentous journey. We are beyond thrilled to establish a partnership with MTC, a revered entity in the region.”

Spreading the Word: Social Media Promotion

To spread the word about this cutting-edge service, MTC Namibia utilized its extensive social media presence. They orchestrated a strategic campaign to inform their vast customer base about the benefits and features of Taamba Advance. For those keen on viewing one of their promotional messages, you can find an example via the provided Twitter link: MTC Namibia's Tweet.

Beyond Airtime: Airvantage's Comprehensive Services

But Airvantage's prowess is not just limited to airtime advances. As an industry frontrunner in the realm of micro payment services, the company offers a diverse range of products including data, mobile money, and even prepaid electricity lending.

Decades of Dedication

Boasting an illustrious history that spans over two decades, Airvantage's vast experience encompasses all facets of the cellular industry, particularly in emerging markets on a global scale. This dedication and expertise position them as a formidable leader in the world of micro payment services.

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