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February 14, 2022

Subscribers can now use emergency airtime advance services when they need it the most.

A subscriber’s “call opportunity” is often lost due to the inability of customer to purchase airtime. The Airvantage emergency airtime advance service allows a subscriber to lend airtime when it is needed and reduces the lost “call opportunity”. This in turn increases the subscriber’s ARPU (average revenue per user) and affinity to the network.

From our experience a large number of Prepaid Advance System lending transactions occur in the early morning or late evening which provides a clear indication of a subscriber’s needs to lend airtime to generate a call when it is not easily accessible to purchase.

Through our experience in credit extension and collection, we have developed a proprietary profiling and a dynamic rules engine that allows for low risk, flexible lending which avoids revenue losses and ensures ongoing subscriber loyalty to the cellular industry.

Our Prepaid Advance System (PAS) offers Telcos the ability to advance airtime to subscribers on credit.

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