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 The Airvantage service offers "talk now, pay later" emergency airtime, minimizing missed call chances. Click for details!
March 4, 2024

Introducing Emergency Airtime Advance Services

Empowering Subscribers to Communicate Anytime

Addressing the Call Opportunity Gap

Subscribers often find themselves in situations where their "call opportunity" is lost due to their inability to purchase airtime when needed. The introduction of Airvantage's emergency airtime advance service has revolutionized this experience. This service steps in by providing the needed airtime, ensuring no call opportunities are lost.

Benefits Beyond Just Airtime

The emergency airtime advance doesn't just lend airtime—it significantly reduces lost "call opportunities." The ripple effect of this is an uptick in a subscriber's ARPU (average revenue per user), enhancing their connection and loyalty to the network.

Analyzing Subscriber Behaviour

From our observations, a considerable volume of Prepaid Advance System lending transactions takes place during the early morning or late evening. This pattern provides insightful data into the subscriber's behaviour, highlighting moments when they are most likely to need airtime for calls, especially when purchasing airtime becomes challenging.

Bespoke Credit Solutions for the Cellular Industry

Leveraging our vast experience in credit extension and collection, we've sculpted a proprietary profiling system. Alongside this, our dynamic rules engine has been meticulously designed to offer low-risk, adaptive lending. The dual benefits of this system ensure minimal revenue losses and fortify subscriber loyalty in the competitive cellular industry.

Offering More to Telcos

Our Prepaid Advance System (PAS) is more than just a service—it's a partnership opportunity for telecommunication companies. This system allows Telcos to provide airtime advances on credit, further cementing subscriber trust and enhancing their user experience.

Get in Touch

For those seeking to dive deeper into this offering, we're here to provide more detailed information. Contact us and let's embark on this journey together.

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