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Mobile Money Wallets - Is It Time to Start Offering Them To Your Customers?

Explore how MNOs can thrive in the digital era with mobile money solutions. Discover the benefits of partnering with Airvantage for success.
May 17, 2024

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How Can MNOs Unlock New Opportunities with Mobile Money Wallets

The Changing Landscape for Mobile Network Operators

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) find themselves at a crossroads. Traditionally known for providing instant communication services, the rise of instant messaging platforms and wireless connectivity has reshaped the industry. The result? The services that once defined MNOs are losing their dominance, and operators are feeling the impact on their bottom lines. As customers reduce their reliance on traditional voice and text services, MNOs face increased churn rates as accounts are disconnected.

Embracing Modernization:

Adapting to Customer Expectations

To stay relevant, MNOs and telcos must align their offerings with changing customer expectations. This might mean shifting away from traditional communication services as the primary revenue stream. The proliferation of smartphones has fueled demand for accessing services via mobile devices. Fortunately, MNOs, with their existing infrastructure, are well-positioned to meet this demand by offering mobile services through mobile money solutions, including digital wallets and mobile payment platforms.

Mobile Money Solutions:

A Game-Changer in the Digital Era

According to Statista, over 2 billion people made online purchases from their mobile devices in 2020. Recent global events have accelerated the shift to digital commerce, making traditional in-store purchases a thing of the past. Customers now crave fast, instant access to goods and services, and this is precisely where mobile money solutions shine.

Mobile money solutions encompass a range of digital services linked to unique mobile numbers. They serve as virtual wallets for sending, receiving, storing, and spending mobile money, all with the speed and convenience of digital transactions. With mobile money solutions, customers can seamlessly:

  • Make online purchases
  • Top up airtime or data
  • Pay for electricity and prepaid services
  • Settle utility bills and subscriptions

These transactions can be completed instantly, eliminating the need for cash withdrawals or physical bank cards.

Why Mobile Money Solutions Make Sense for MNOs

Offering financial services may seem like uncharted territory for MNOs, but they are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. MNOs already have an established customer base with registered mobile numbers, a crucial asset for mobile financial services. With their extensive service network, MNOs can roll out mobile money solutions faster than fintech companies that need to build their client base from scratch.

By offering mobile money solutions, MNOs not only profit from the service itself but also gain access to a range of digital offerings that can be bundled with mobile wallets. These offerings span financial, eCommerce, utility, subscription, prepaid, and entertainment services. MNOs can boost their revenue through additional airtime and data purchases and by charging for goods and services bought through their platform.

Furthermore, providing mobile money solutions and related financial services enhances customer retention. Satisfied customers are less likely to switch providers, adding to their lifetime value. The convenience of mobile money enhances the user experience, fostering customer loyalty and advocacy.


Transforming MNOs into Invaluable Service Providers

To thrive in the ever-evolving communications landscape, MNOs must expand their value proposition. Mobile money solutions and related services are key to achieving this. By embracing innovation, MNOs can not only regain a competitive edge but also secure their position as indispensable service providers in the digital era.

About Airvantage

Your Partner in Mobile Financial Services

Airvantage is a leading service provider to MNOs across Africa, specializing in:

  • Advanced airtime and data lending
  • Mobile wallets and mobile payment platforms
  • Agent lending and handset finance
  • Financial identity as a service

Our extensive credit access means we assume the risk, allowing you to focus on transforming and scaling your product and service offerings. If you're interested in launching mobile money solutions for your customers, book a consultation with us today.

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